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What makes a successful event?

Our Co-Founder and Managing Director, Angie Major, has gathered her top insights on what it takes to make an event successful. Focusing on a range of areas, Angie uncovers the essential elements that create truly great occasions. 

SPACE – a great venue that suits the needs of the event in terms of space and flow. Functional, classy, funky, colourful or striking design features? Choice is yours. 

FOOD – a working lunch, buffet, conference dinner/banquet, BBQ or street food, healthy snacks or sweet treats. In all of these options food should be locally sourced, meet dietary requirements and look/taste good enough to get your guests wanting more. 

CONTENT – from training courses to conferences, the content should be relevant to the audience and delivered in a variety of ways to keep them engaged. We help bring people together to learn and share ideas. 

TECH – from low budget to big budget, tech is important. Presenters need to be seen and heard. 

PEOPLE – the organiser, venue stewards and hospitality, technical crew, marketing, entertainment and so many more. These are the people who work hard to make events happen. 

HUMAN TOUCH – treat people as humans whether they are a speaker, a delegate, an exhibitor or an organiser. Events should always be designed with this in mind and we always put ourselves in the shoes of all groups and walk through the event as if we were them.

Each element can impact the event experienced by attendees. The magic happens when there is a perfect combination and that is what Delegant delivers. Our mission is to make memorable events happen. 

Please contact us today to discuss how Delegant can help you deliver your event.