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Hybrid Scalable Events

For organisations looking to organise events, meetings & conferences over the coming months it is not clear what they should do. COVID-19 restrictions will change over the comings months and this leaves organisations considering the best way to run their events.  Delegant has developed a solution to support these organisations to ensure their event or meeting can go ahead whatever restrictions are in place at the time. This solution is responsive to the latest restrictions and guidance to ensure you get the very best outcome for your event.  We refer to these as Hybrid Scalable Events.

There are three main types of event: 

A virtual event is 100% online meaning everyone can do this remotely. This includes speakers, chairpersons, Q&A panels as well as delegates. 

There are many different solutions we can offer to fulfil your requirements. These range from a basic web-based meeting type event through to a studio based broadcast with full branding and managed audience interaction. 

These are what we would we would generally consider as an event. Delegates, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors attend in person. 

There are many tangible benefits to these events including networking, business development as well as the intangible benefits of social media coverage generated by delegates.

A hybrid event is a combination of a virtual event with a standard event. This means that the event is designed to have delegates and speakers attend both in person and remotely. 

Our Team will work with you to optimise the experience for both delegates in the room and delegates and speakers attending remotely. 

Add physical attendees if restrictions allow

Combination of remote and venue based presenters

Hosted from studio or venue of your choice

Flexibility to allow changes at short notice

What is a Hybrid Scalable Event?

Without visibility of the future restrictions and guidance it is a challenge to decide what type to plan to get the best possible outcome for your organisation and the delegates. Hybrid Scalable Events means that Delegant will work with you to plan your event in such a way to be able to be responsive to changes in the restrictions in either direction. This would allow you to scale up or scale down the number of physical attendees of your event.

For example, we could work with you to design a virtual event with the option to move this to a hybrid event if restrictions change. Equally, we could work with you to design a hybrid event that was scalable to allow the physical attendance of all delegates, in effect turning it into a standard event. We can record all content and make it available online, in a password protected area, for people who were not able to attend either virtually or physically. 

Prior to the lockdown Delegant were working with our customers to pre-empt the lockdown restrictions and designing events with a contingency plan in place. These plans included creating virtual and remote access for both speakers and delegates who would have company or government-based travel restrictions put in place preventing their attendance. In effect a hybrid between a physical and virtual event.

As we hopefully see restrictions lift over the coming year, we are working with customers to develop flexible plans to allow them to maximise their event whilst at the same time minimising their risk. This allows events to be planned and be scalable should restrictions be reduced or equally strengthened. 

Please contact us to discuss your future events and see how Delegant can help to deliver these.