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What Delegant achieved organically for one of our membership association customers in a single calendar year

Social Media & Digital Marketing for Membership Associations

Delegant has a proven track record of working with membership organisations to deliver digital marketing & social media management/marketing. This is usually built around the following objectives:

  • ‘Brand’ promotion – raising awareness of the organisation
  • ‘Message’ promotion – raising awareness of the objectives of the organisation
  • Event promotion (call for abstracts, booking open, sponsors etc)
  • Partner/Sponsor promotion
  • News dissemination – about the organisation, members, partners/sponsors
  • Increase the number of members & drive member engagement

Delegant can work with you to develop your overall strategy and then develop a plan to deliver this. Through the development of an outline schedule for social media and digital marketing activities we build a professional and consistent approach to fulfilling the overall strategy. 

Some important areas we can work with you on are:

  • House-style
  • Templates/designs for social media channel posts
  • Tone of voice
  • Hashtags/Tags
  • Choice of social media channels/digital marketing tools
  • Animations
  • Video content

Delegant manages social media accounts for many associations across the various platforms. These accounts range in size from a few hundred followers to some with tens of thousands of followers. One of the biggest challenges that many associations face is the creation of content. Our Team will work with you to turn your assets into content (both graphics and copy) which we will then use to grow your following and reach. This will deliver the tangible benefits you are seeking for your organisation.


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